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RADIO WIZZ Founded by Silk B. and Chris M., it launched in April.
With DJ Tim, DJ Chill Pop, DJ Fayah Man

Dj Dennis Gregory, Dj Kid One, DJ Scalpa, DJ Fat Daddy, DJ Liljeece, ADSUKHIPHOP , DJ Dany Movida, DJ Captain Rock, DJ Djaimin joined the crew.

DJ Tasty joined the radio station.

The Doctor, Dj Martin Gee, DJ Ralphie Dee, DJ Vinny T., DJ John Donato, DJ Lenny Fontana, DJ Eddie D, DJ Nono joined the crew.

DJ PDAWG joined the radio station.

We are music people. Just like you. This radio is a mirror of our souls. Our mission is to search out and expose great new music to people who otherwise may never encounter it. So please enjoy our vibes, cause our music never ends.